Nepal Holiday Tour

Nepal Holiday Tour Overview

Spring Break? Summer vacation? Why not take a tour of Nepal? Here you can experience culture and fun in an international setting as you will meet students from all over the world! Kathmandu is an international city. Every year, nearly a million people visit this country from almost every country in the world. And Thamel is the heart of the action where you will be staying. Enjoy sampling foods from various countries in the world as there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from. Drink coffee from Italy or locally grown in the Himalayas. Dance to the music at the various nightclubs and dance clubs throughout Thamel. Enjoy a massage, while spending your days exploring temples, or doing a little hiking to get a feel for the real Nepal. This is a one week tour of the Kathmandu Valley. You will visit some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as meeting the local people and culture. There will be plenty of time to relax, do some individual touring as well as a chance to meet people. Many people fall in love in Kathmandu, so why not you?

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival: Your Himalayan Adventure begins with your arrival at Tribhuven International Airport. Your representative of Global Axis Travels will greet you and take you to your hotel in the heart of Thamel. Here, you will find people speaking languages from every country of the world. Take the time to relax, or go out and enjoy the nightlife. Thamel is a fun place with plenty of action.

DAY 2 – Kathmandu: Today will be a leisurely day. Tour the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhu. Durbar Square means the kings palace, and you will discover nearly 60 incredible temples. From here, tour the ancient palace and then go up to Swayambhu for an incredible view of the Valley. Swayambhu is a Buddhist heritage site, with a large stupa and many temples. Explore the temples that dot the hillsides as you watch the rhesus monkeys in action. The temple is known as "Monkey Temple" because of all the monkeys who are fun to watch. But be careful, they like to steal your lunch. The monkeys don't always have the best manners. Spend the evening enjoying Thamel. 

DAY 3 – Day Hiking : This morning, plan to get up early as we take in a sunrise over the Himalayas at Nagarkot. This famous location is a highpoint of the Kathmandu Valley overlooking the mighty peaks of the Himalayas. On a clear day, you can even see Mt. Everest in the East. Many of the 8,000+ meter peaks are visible from Nagarkot. Here we will have breakfast and then make a leisurely trek to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Changu Narayan. This is about a 5 hour trek that takes you along the rim of the Valley, past quant villages where you will see people farming and living as they have for thousands of years. Changu Narayan is an ancient village where you will be able to see the Newari people doing woodcarvings as well as a chance to visit the oldest temple in the valley.

DAY 4 – Free Day: Today is a day to either rest, enjoy a book on the roof garden or visit around the area of your choice.

DAY 5 – Patan/Pashupatinath Area: This day continues on our tour of the valley, this time traveling to the city of Patan which was its own kingdom centuries ago. We will tour the Royal Palace, its unique temples and museum before we head over to the most sacred Hindu site in the Valley: Pashipatinath. It is said that when the goddess Pashupati blew up in anger, her vagina was found here! A temple was erected over this spot, and devotees from all over the world come to pay homage to the goddess. There are holy men smoking marijuana, along with many temples to view. We will also visit Boudhanath which is the largest Buddhist Stupa in the Valley. Here enjoy Tibetan Buddhism.

DAY 6 – Walking Tour: Today is a walking tour of Kathmandu, where you will travel down narrow streets, walk by little known temples and explore some of the hidden sites in and around Thamel and New Road Area. 

DAY 7 – Return Home : Fly back to your home after a wonderful week in Kathmandu. Your representative from GA Travels will personally take you back to the airport and from there, you can travel home or to your next destination. Be sure to discuss a return trip with GA Travels so you can do some trekking in the high Himalayas!  

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