Chitwan National Park Tour

Chitwan National Park Tour Overview

The United Nations has declared Chitwan National Park a world heritage site. When you visit there, you will see why it is such a great place. Here in the mountain nation of Nepal is also a place of dense jungle where wild elephants, tigers and rhinos still roam. Their species, which have been endangered, have been making a comeback in this park. It remains one of the great success stories in the preservation of endangered animals in the world.

Chitwan offers many great opportunities. There are elephants safaris, jeep safaris, cultural experiences and more. The lodges in Chitwan range from rustic to luxurious. There is also great shopping experiences in the main town of Sauraha. In this village, you will see elephants wandering down the streets, and occasionally a rhino will make its way to the edge of town. There is also the elephant breeding center where you can see baby elephants (and they are big babies. They weigh about 100 kg at birth!).

Chitwan is an amazing place. Global Axis Travels?offers you some incredible opportunities to explore this great park which is a gem in Nepal.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival: Your trip begins with arrival at Tribhuven International Airport in Kathmandu where you will be greeted by a representative of GA Travels. You will be taken to your hotel in Thamel, the heart of the tourist center of the city to spend the night or to enjoy some of the evening activities that Kathmandu has to offer.

Day 2Travel to Chitwan National Park: Today travel by first class luxurious bus to Chitwan National Park. The trip includes cresting the pass overlooking Kathmandu before heading down the switchbacks before following along the Trisuli River as it moves toward the Chitwan area. The trip to Chitwan takes about five to six hours as you enjoy the scenery along the way. Upon arrival, enjoy some leisurely time at your lodge or visit the elephant breeding grounds. In the evening, enjoy the Tharu cultural program with dances and song.

Day 3 – Jungle Adventure: The day begins with a elephant safari as you head deep into the jungle to look for Royal Bengal Tigers and the rare One-Horned Indian Rhino. Many types of deer abound in the jungle. After the elephant safari, be sure to do the elephant bath, which is one of the most popular activities in the park. In the afternoon, take a leisurely trip down the Rapti River where you will see crocodiles and exotic birds. 

Day 4 – Return to Kathmandu: The return trip leaves in the morning, arriving in early afternoon in Kathmandu. Check back into your hotel in Thamel, where you will have a chance to either rest or do some shopping or exploring of the old city. 

Day 5 – Departure: All good things have to come to an end, and sadly, that is also true of your Nepal adventure. As you prepare to be taken by your representative of GA Travels to the airport, be sure to discuss a return trip to this incredible country. It is said a lifetime is not enough to see all that Nepal has to offer. It's true. Many visitors come again and again to this fabled land nestled in the Himalayas.

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