Bardia National Park Tour

Bardia National Park Tour Overview

Those who know Nepal know that not only are there incredible mountains, but there is also deep jungles to be explored. These jungles team with rare rhinos, wild elephant herds, deer, rare birds, crocodiles as well as the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. So where is the best place to see all of these rare and exotic animals? The answer is easy: Bardia National Park.

Located in western Nepal, Bardia National Park covers 965 square kilometers in some of the most pristine jungle in all of Nepal. It and its immediate neighbor (Banke National Park) has created a long corridor for the rare and endangered animals to not only live, but to thrive again once more.

Bardia National Park is 15 hours by bus from Nepal, but fortunately, there is air connections that reduce that time down to a one hour flight. Despite its distance, it is a place unto itself where you can enjoy the local culture and explore the park.?

There is much to see and do in Bardia National Park. Fish in the Karnali River where you may even get a glimpse of a rare River Dolphin. Take a rafting trip down the rivers, or spend the day looking for tigers on foot with your trained and experienced guide. Bardia National Park is probably the best place to see tigers in all of Nepal. This park has the largest number of tiger sightings anywhere in Nepal.

Since Bardia is not highly visited, you will have a chance to enjoy the jungle without all of the crowds. There is even a chance to do some trekking and overnight camping in the park with a guide who knows how to stay safe while walking in the jungle. The guides here are highly trained as well as being local. They have grown up in the jungles, and they know this place as home.

Why not consider a trip to Bardia National Park. Your representative at GA Travels can put together the right package for you as you explore Bardia National Park.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival: Your trip begins with arrival at Tribhuven International Airport in Kathmandu where you will be greeted by a representative of GA Travels. You will be taken to your hotel in Thamel, the heart of the tourist center of the city to spend the night or to enjoy some of the evening activities that Kathmandu has to offer.

Day 2 – Travel to Bardia National Park: Today's trip begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj where you will greeted by a representative to take you to your lodge in Bardia National Park. From Nepalgunj, you pass through the Terai and through jungles and small villages. It is a three hour drive from Nepalgunj to Bardia National Park. Once you've arrived, check into your lodge and enjoy a time to rest. You can also do some exploring of local Tharu villages.

Day 3 – Jungle Walk: This day will be a walk into the jungle with your guide who will take you to places where you will have a good chance to see a Royal Bengal Tiger along with other wildlife. Tigers don't punch a time-clock, so you have to be patient. Travel with a box lunch as you and your guide watch for the animals.

Day 4 – Jungle Safari: Today, take your choice of an elephant safari, or take a jeep that will take you deeper into the jungles. Unlike Chitwan National Park which has lots of visitors each day, you may be the only one going out on an elephant, thereby giving you a very quiet jungle experience. It is amazing just how quiet an elephant can be while traveling through the jungle. Spend the night at the lodge where you will enjoy a Tharu cultural program.

Day 5 – Travel back to Kathmandu: The return trip to Kathmandu retraces your steps to Nepalgunj and then the short flight back to Kathmandu. You will return around lunch time. Spend the afternoon in Kathmandu exploring the city, resting or shopping.

Day 6 –Departure: All good things have to come to an end, and sadly, that is also true of your Nepal adventure. As you prepare to be taken by your representative of GA Travels to the airport, be sure to discuss a return trip to this incredible country. It is said a lifetime is not enough to see all that Nepal has to offer. It's true. Many visitors come again and again to this fabled land nestled in the Himalayas.

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