River Rafting Nepal

Do you like white-water rafting ? How about leisurely floating down a mountain river ? You can do both, here in Nepal ! There are many great rivers to choose from, that can offer challenges for everyone from novice to the experience pro.
Nearby Kathmandu is the exciting Trisuli River. It gets its name from the legend that the Hindu God Shiva used his Trident (called Trisuli) and stabbed it into the ground in Tibet, creating three deep springs from which the waters flow. The river is a major watershed for Nepal, as its waters come down from the mountains and rush to its final destination in India where it will eventually join the sacred Ganges River.
The Trisuli can be very leisurely in the Terai, but there is plenty of whitewater action above the Terai. In the monsoon season, this river becomes a wild place, offering plenty of whitewater excitement and challenges for even the most experienced rafter.
Global Axis Travels can put together an afternoon float, or a two or three day camping trip along its riverbank. Camping trips are especially enjoyable as you camp on sandy beaches overlooking the river under the Himalayan skies alive with millions of stars. 
Rafting as well as kayaking is fast becoming a popular adventure sport in Nepal. Be sure to talk about rafting with your representative. We can put together a rafting trip in conjunction with a tour of Nepal or a trek. All is possible, and we would be pleased to make this a possibility for you.