Paragliding in Nepal

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a bird ? To soar on the thermals like an eagle ? You can! Nepal is fast becoming a destination place for paragliding. Here, you can take off from mountain cliffs and soar in the skies looking over the mighty Himalayas.

Most of the paragliding is done in Pokhara over Fewa Lake. However, other locations are also being developed in Nepal where you can combine great views of the mountains.

You can solo, or go tandem with an experienced guide who will guide your flight so you can sit back and relax.?It is a thrill as you jump off a cliff and immediately catch the air currents that will send you soaring over Fewa Lake near Pokhara. A basic trip is 30 minutes of flying, although other options are available.

This is pure fun as well as adventure. Paragliding uses no carbon energy, and is quiet except for the sounds of birds flying around you. Why not ask your representative at Global Axis Travels about a chance to fly in the mountains like a bird !

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